Aim and Scope

October 4-8, 2010, Freiburg Germany

MMM2010 Program (PDF)

Computational modeling of materials behaviour has become a reliable tool of scientific investigation and complements theoretical and experimental approaches. Component assessment, materials processing and development of new materials systems all rely on accurate models for the description of materials properties. The linkage between materials (micro-)structure and materials properties is at the heart of all materials modelling. Multiscale Materials Modeling is required to make this link from the electronic and atomic structure of matter and discrete structural defects to the continuum descriptions appropriate at larger scales. Multiscale Materials Modeling can be a predictive tool to provide such continuum descriptions as it provides methods to overcome the inherent limitations of discrete methods in time and length-scales.

Although the field is still very much under development, modern Multiscale Materials Modeling techniques clearly have the capacity to solve computational materials problems with unprecedented levels of rigor and accuracy and to provide powerful new tools for materials design. While having developed out of the industrial need for improved design of engineering metals, polymers and composites, Multiscale Materials Modeling has recently also become an indispensable aid in unravelling the mysteries of biological materials and systems.

By its very nature Multiscale Materials Modeling is an interdisciplinary research field with contributions from physics and chemistry, materials science and biology as well as mechanics, mathematics and computer sciences. It also requires the close collaboration of modellers with experimentalists since appropriate validation experiments are crucial to verify that the models predict the correct behaviour at each scale. The MMM conference series was established to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the promotion of scientific advances, new concepts and application areas and to foster the technical exchange in the field of Multiscale Materials Modeling.

Conference Series

The field of multiscale materials modeling aims to enhance predictive materials research by combining advanced materials theory with the principles of computational science. This field thus blends together theoretical chemistry, physics and mechanics of materials with mathematical modeling, computational mathematics and scientific computing algorithms. Multiscale modeling of materials is an evolution of the traditional materials modeling field, which is driven by highly improved theoretical formalisms of materials science problems; it also represents a revolution in this field because of the possibility of developing frameworks to tackle materials modeling problems at multiple time and length scales in unifying ways. Because it is a part of the wider field of materials science, multiscale materials research is intimately linked with experiments, and, together, these research methodologies will serve the dual role of enhancing our fundamental understanding of materials and enabling the design of new materials with improved performance. The new role of multiscale modeling in materials research motivated the materials science community to start the Multsicale Materials Modeling (MMM) conference series in 2002, with the goals of promoting new ideas in the field and fostering technical exchange within the community. Four successful conferences in this series have already been held.

The first International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM-2002) took place at the Queen Mary University of London, London, UK, June 17-20, 2002.

The second International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM-2004) was organized by the University of California in Los Angeles, USA, October 11-15, 2004.

The third International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM-2006) was organized by the University of Freiburg, Germany, September 18-22, 2006                                                         

The fourth International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM-2008) took place at the Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA, October 27-31, 2008

MMM2010 responds to the wider computational science field and a create high level of synergy between materials modelers and computational scientists and mathematicians. The International Advisory Board and the Local Organizing Committee of the MMM2010 conference are looking forward to your participation and to yet another successful MMM meeting.